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Cosmetics used by each family.
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What is it?

In our marketing is not about selling products or to obtain income from the sale of products.The most common mistake with respect to these systems is that they are selling.The salesman's job, when you're working behind the counter in the store and you are an employee.
You sure you can not pay and the amount of his salary in any significant influence.
This will bring wealth or freedom.
In the MLM system is not the main aim of selling products, but build a network of people who present the same products or services to others.
The purpose is not to you or anyone else a lot of goods sold, but to a lot of people have been good customers themselves brought into the network and other people who will do the same.
The strength is in selling goods, power lies in the network of active people.
To get rich is the best way to figure out how to build strong, healthy, viable and growing network.
With cosmetics TianDe it is not difficult, because in this quality at these prices she wants to try almost every woman who is just a little interested in cosmetics.

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