Distribution Center


Be the first to open a distribution center in your region and your country!
TianDe company offers you the chance to open a distribution center in your place of residence or business.
The condition is a minimum order goods worth 500 per month and to ensure the operation of all customers and consultants who will visit the distribution center.
Of course keeping and transmission of the required documents to the headquarters of the company.
Opening the distribution center will get the following discounts:

Turnover Discount
500 Euro/month- 5% next month
1000 Euro / month - 10% next month
3000 Euro / month - 14% next month
6000 Euro / month - 18% next month
11,000 Euro / month - 20% next month

The successful functioning distribution center can also get support in the form of TianDe form of remuneration and allowances of the operation.


How can this be achieved? Register for free on my site, under my leadership, form your network of associates with a minimum of 500, learn what it is you teach and I think that you will not regret working with us.